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Muslims for Progressive Values operates local chapters in the following cities:
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The goal of Literary Zikr is to revitalize discourse on Islamic theology (and the lived realities of contemporary Muslims) by introducing thought-provoking and rigorously researched scholarship to a young audience. Literary Zikr is a website that will provide the academic works of world-renowned scholars of Islam in simple and youth-friendly language. By bringing together scholars of progressive Islamic thought and Muslim youth in search of answers, we hope to bridge the gap that often exists between theory and practice while also expanding the reach of the important and invigorating scholarship of academicians.
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Note: With the exception of the chapters listed above, MPV is not affiliated other national progressive Muslim groups and cannot guarantee their content or quality.
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MPV is building a list online of progressive-friendly prayer spaces in the US and Canada and we need your help! If you know of a mosque, community center, or other progressive prayer space, please contact MPV to let us know about it. We'll add your review to the list
In partnership with Sisters in Islam (Malaysia), Muslims for Progressive Values has started an initiative to raise awareness and eradicate of violence against women. 1500 years ago, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us to live compassionately and to work for justice. 1500 years ago verses in the Qu'ran were revealed specifically to eradicate cultural practices that were unjust toward women and girls. And yet, in the 21st century, we often find our Muslim societies still entrenched in these cultural practices.

Yes, we are not prophetic, but as Muslims we need to walk the walk and do our part toward establishing a just world.
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Friday prayer services are offered at most MPV  chapters. Click on each chapter  for  local programs and schedules. 

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