“Islam and democracy are not only compatible, their association is inevitable. In a Muslim society, one without the other is not perfect.”
- Abdul Karim Souroush

Despite the assertions of some right-wing commentators (both Muslim and non-Muslim), Muslims for Progressive Values believes that democracy is fully compatible with Islam and Islamic law, and indeed may in fact rise to the level of religious requirement in our modern age.
Progressive Islam
MPV supports the freedom of conscience and the freedom of belief of every individual, including the right to choose one’s religion, to change one’s religious beliefs, and to hold and express beliefs that others may consider blasphemous.
Many critics of Islam have accused prominent Muslim groups and individuals of condoning or ignoring violence and diverting charitable funds to violent groups. Muslims for Progressive Values affirms that the most effective response to all criticisms is calm, reasoned discourse and open accountability. It should be self-evident that any and all public organizations should adhere to ethics of conduct that include transparency of responsibility and bookkeeping. We appreciate that such a simple, clear standard is complicated by mounting government secrecy, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia, but even with these considerations in mind, we affirm that organizational and financial transparency, and being open to constructive criticism are in the best interest of all organizations.